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Colonial Pipeline "Concerns" and Highlights importance of truck drivers

Truck drivers in Virginia are being stressed even further and having to make longer hauls amid the Colonial Pipeline gas shortage that has highlighted the growing truck driver shortage that parallels it.

The truck driver shortage has been a concern amid gas being needed to be transported further distances after the Colonial Pipeline hack has sent people the gas pumps in droves.

According to the Virginia Truckers Association, Virginia's tanker drivers are having to go all the way to Greensboro, North Carolina, to one of the main terminals on the pipeline that is still producing gas. Other areas on the pipeline closer to and within Virginia are not seeing outputs needed to supply the region.

The commonwealth has been hit particularly hard by the ongoing gas shortage concerns, following a cyberattack over the weekend on the Colonial Pipeline. Nearly 52% of Virginia's gas stations are out of gas, according to GasBuddy.

"They're having to go farther to get the fuel to deliver it to the retail locations in Virginia, because with the pipeline limited, some of the spurs of the pipeline that go to Virginia locations, are not up and running," said Virginia Trucking Association president Dale Bennett "They're having to go to other points of distribution to pick up the fuel and bring it back to Virginia. So they're all working very, very hard to fulfill this need and make sure that people in Virginia can have the gas if we can survive the hoarding that's going on, to maintain the supply


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